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Sabor Peruano estará en PerúFest USA / Sabor Peruano will be in PerúFest USA

Sabor Peruano estará en el 2do Festival 2013 de PerúFest USA que se realizará en The Fair Expo Center (Tamiami Park) los dia 12 y 13 de Octubre en la 10901 Coral Way Miami, FL 33165. Los invitamos a que vayan y prueben nuestros deliciosos platos peruanos y tendrá la oportunidad de conversar con nuestra Chef Doris. Pueden adquirir sus boletos en nuestro restaurant o nos pueden llamar al telefono T (786) 372-8839 / (786) 344-9318. Los esperamos!! Sabor Peruano Restaurant will be in the 2nd Festival 2013 of PerúFest USA at The Fair Expo Center (Tamiami Park) on 12 and 13 of October , 10901 Coral Way Miami, FL 33165. You
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What do you think about our food and service

We just opened the doors to the public with our Peruvian & Bar place in Bay Cutler neighbor. Perhaps you’ve been in some oteher peruvians restaurant around Dade county but for sure you never has benn in this small, warm and most of important key…that all dishes are made with lot of Love. Our Chef Doris has demostrated during many years her quality in each plate that she made. Nevertheless she’s been congratulated many time for many people around the comunity for her quality in delivering every peruvian dishes. This has been happened when she was working for some private business in offer catering
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